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Elaine m d the dating and relationship author

There are a few episodes where her hair is discussed in relation to the plot.In "The Strike", it's damaged when affected by steam.Later, in "The Couch" after proclaiming her love for new boyfriend Carl, she immediately ends the relationship upon learning that he doesn't share her opinions on abortion.Elaine also is attracted to men with lucrative jobs, especially doctors.Also, the character was partially based on Monica Yates, daughter of novelist Richard Yates, whom Larry David once dated, and they remained good friends after they broke up.Elaine is normally intelligent and assertive, but also quite superficial.In "The Smelly Car" a valet makes Jerry's car and Elaine's hair smell like body odor.

Elaine is a serial dater, a trait lampooned in "The Sponge", where she's desperate to buy a cache of discontinued contraceptive sponges before they're all bought up.is a fictional character on the American television sitcom Seinfeld (1989–1998), played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.Elaine's best friend is her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld, and she is also good friends with George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer.Elaine first appears in "The Stake Out," but in production order she appears in a final scene eating M&Ms in "Male Unbonding." NBC executives felt the show was too male-centric, and demanded that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David add a woman to the cast as a condition for commissioning the show, as revealed in the commentary on the Season 1 and 2 DVD.In addition to the first episode, Elaine doesn't appear in "The Trip" and therefore appears in fewer episodes than George and Jerry.

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She also often wears high-waisted, tapered black jeans or pants and a bright blazer. Peter Mehlman reveals on audio commentary in "The Sponge" and "The Betrayal" that female fans favor the brown leather jacket that she wears from Season 7 onward.