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Ebony teti mature

It is probable that, at least insofar as medicine & magic were concerned, this indeed was the case ?The philosophical Hermetica also share certain features with the Egyptian ."Do You not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven, or, to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in heaven have been transferred to Earth below ? This exercise is possible because the Hermetica are rooted in the native Egyptian religion, albeit Hellenized. Each is associated with a fundamental teaching found in Egyptian texts.Antiquity would remain unavailable for several centuries.Not unlike Spinoza's "amor intellectualis Dei", philosophical Hermetism gave body to an intellectual love for the One, albeit in modo antiquo, and never without magic & alchemy.It could define its own path precisely because of its roots in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Tradition, to which most of its members adhered.In its mature stage, Hermetism manifested the religion of the mind ("religio mentis") of Mediterranean Antiquity.

The authors were Egyptians still able to read the "words of the gods".

Indeed, the difference between and Greek mysteries is pertinent (the attitude of the worshipper as well as the responsiveness of the deities differ).

We may argue that the technical Hermetica are rooted in perennial Egyptian traditions like ("heka") and the "books of Thoth".

More than a century ago, Breasted wrote regarding the Memphite theology : "The above conception of the world forms quite a sufficient basis for suggesting that the later notions of nous and logos, hitherto supposed to have been introduced into Egypt from abroad at a much later date, were present at this early period.

Thus the Greek tradition of the origin of their philosophy in Egypt undoubtedly contains more of the truth than has in recent years been conceded.

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Because of the important influence of the native intellectual milieu on the genesis of this Alexandro-Egyptian cultural form, had to refer to the Persian period ...

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