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Dubai has been described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

Dubai's free trade zone is a major enticement for foreign investors, and the boomtown atmosphere has attracted more than 180 nationalities to come live and work here.

But then she managed to run away from her madam and decided to continue to work as a prostitute on her own.

Her English was good, so I asked her why she didn't find a job as a salesperson in one of the many shopping malls in Dubai.

After hearing Vika's stories, Dubai became a place I felt I had to see to understand.

Emerging as a world business hub in the last decade, the city strives to keep breaking new records: the world's tallest building, the world's first seven star hotel, the world's biggest shopping mall, the world's largest manmade port.

People, please keep yourselves safe, if not for yourself just for the sake of people who love you. Dubai and it's "Darkside" are infamous certainly to its expat residents.

She quickly learned the only English words necessary to keep her owner from hitting her: "How much? " Once, without plastic, her luck ran out and she got pregnant. Her pimp kept her working for the duration of her pregnancy.She said she could earn more in one night as a prostitute than working a whole month in sales.And she wouldn't have to stand on her feet all day.I met another woman from Azerbaijan who was living with a "boyfriend," the term she used to describe one of her regular clients.She told me how he would often lock her in the apartment to keep her services exclusively for himself.

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