Druze dating usa

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Druze dating usa

Regarding personal status, their rights are almost identical to those of men; actually, Druze women are preferred over men in joining the uqqal, because they are considered to be better "spiritually prepared".

Consequently, there are more women than men among the uqqal.

The mentors and prophets come from all three religions, and include Jethro and Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth, and Salman the Persian and Mohammed - all reincarnations of the same monotheistic idea.

In addition, the Druze hold other influential people - regardless of their religion - in great esteem, as the advocates of justice and belief in one god.

In 1921 the French tried to set up a Druze state under the French Mandate, but the attempt failed.The juhal ("ignorant ones") accept the faith on the basis of the tradition handed down from generation to generation. Their external appearance is also different: the men have a shaven head covered by a white turban, a mustache and a beard; the women wear a white head scarf, called a naqab.The most pious among the women hide all their hair under a separate covering, the Druze women can attain positions of religious significance, and some have indeed achieved high rank.For them, the traditional story of the Creation is a parable, which describes Adam not as the first human being, but as the first person to believe in one god.Since then, the idea of monotheism has been disseminated by "emissaries" or prophets, guided by "mentors" who embody the spirit of monotheism.

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From the theological perspective, the secrecy derives from the tenet that the gates of the religion were open to new believers for the space of a generation when it was first revealed and everyone was invited to join.

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