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” After all, observes Wish: “No one wants to be married to a martyr.” None of the above should minimize the very real challenges of maintaining a relationship in which one partner faces limits on where he or she can go and what activities can be done on dates.

As Ruotolo movingly describes in her memoir, a steep flight of stairs can prove a daunting challenge to someone who has one leg that’s two-and-a-half inches shorter than the other.

Dating is pretty daunting for anyone, as it takes a certain level of vulnerability to put yourself out there to meet others and interact with them on a deeper level.

There are so many apps and websites out there that one can use to find a date. I’ve not used any of them, mainly because I’m far too lazy to fill out some lengthy question and answer section or come up with a way to describe myself well enough to where I’d feel comfortable.

“When we got married, [my wife] expected that I would work and support the family.” David Linton, a professor at Manhattan Marymount College, is an able-bodied man who has been happily married for 29 years to a woman paralyzed in an automobile accident — not because he felt sorry for her, but “because she was smart and funny and sexy.” Leslie Beth Wish, a social worker in Sarasota, FL who blogs at lovevictory.com, has counseled disabled veterans extensively.Carlson shares one typical dilemma: “My boyfriend gets tickets to a [Minnesota] Vikings game, but they’re in a section where I can’t sit. ” then answers her own question: “I say, ‘don’t feel bad, baby, just go out and have fun and we’ll get together later tonight.’” Typically able-bodied partners quickly develop “access antennae,” to use Linton’s apt phrase.“You say, ‘Let’s go to my favorite restaurant’ and then you notice a 10-inch step…Think how great this temptation must be for the physically disabled! She said, ‘If you think you will get rid of me that easily, you have another thing coming.” They’ve been married for 16 years and have three children.When Oliver woke up in a hospital after his life-altering accident, “I told [my girlfriend, Becky]: ‘It looks like there will be a lot of limitations in my future. “Love is so much more than what happens when you’re dating,” Oliver says.

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“You don’t want someone in a romantic relationship to be your caregiver.