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They could have, after Dao’s removal, immediately owned up to their error and made it clear that they didn’t condone violent behaviour toward their passengers.

They could have quickly and unequivocally stated that the history of David Dao had no bearing on whether or not he was deserving of violent rebuke on one of their flights. ” says Ida Lowry in to which Sam replies: “It’s my lunch hour.

There’s one thing any decent human being should be able to agree on: it doesn’t matter what David Dao did or didn’t do in his past, because none of it is relevant to whether or not he should have been left in hospital after boarding a flight home.

Acting like his history might make it “less bad” to beat him up is a dangerous position to take with serious consequences.

Where, indeed, is the dirt-digging being done on the United staff who handled everything so badly, the security team who caused Dao serious damage, or the CEO who acted so dismissively about the entire episode?

There were so many alternatives available to United in this whole sorry scenario.

They could have offered better financial incentives or first class tickets to any destination to encourage volunteers to come forward.The "nunnery" scene when he suddenly turns on Ophelia lacks the required intensity and savagery, and at the end you don't feel that this is a Hamlet who has achieved a sense of spiritual illumination.Tennant's prince seems merely resigned and wearily fatalistic, a reductive reading of a role that can offer a moving glimpse of grace, as the Christian imagery of the last act suggests. It's hard not to warm to a Hamlet who makes you laugh, and Tennant discovers almost every ounce of sarky humour, especially when baiting Oliver Ford Davies's hilariously ponderous but poisonous Polonius and winding up the smarmy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.The consensus has been for a while that the best solution is to own up, apologise, take responsibility and move on (preferably with a well-timed positive announcement a month or so later) rather than scapegoating one person, United seems to have only just got that memo.And what if some sections of the media appoint themselves your light technician and move the spotlight for you?

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