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And my reaction to it years later was exactly like it was when I revisited season one of on perpetual re-run status, so I took it upon myself to break out some fresh VHS tapes (this was before I had the money to get a DVD recorder) and start recording the series.Winter 2008 was a bad winter, for personal reasons I won’t go into, but JLU got me through it.The mission on today’s agenda concerns a bad guy from Diana’s neck of the woods, namely stopping God Of War Aries from making the Earth that much more difficult a place to live.He’s had Hephaestus build him a mechanized suit of gigantic armor called, the Annihilator, that’ll be used to fuel the flames of a civil war between two Russian-like countries.To get heroes into this kids’ only realm now, she regresses Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern back into eight year olds and off they go to try and retrieve the amulet. Cut to the next scene and he’s singing, “Am I Blu” in this nightclub Circe was just singing at herself, to prove something to her sisters the Sirens. THE RETURN: Another episode that links up with two previous episodes from Season 2 of .Not one of my favorite episodes, but what I have to say about all the comic laced episodes done in those series, not that there were a lot, was that the comedy and more kid oriented stuff works a hell of a lot better than what Disney Marvel does with the same concepts in their current crop of toons and that’s basically because all of Marvel’s new toons are now aimed strictly at kids (I blame their new masters Disney for this), where as most if not all of DC’s animated toons, where comedy was used, was not only aimed at the kids, but there was an adult edge as well to them. For the most part you can consider this a sequel to “Tabula Rasa” where the android Amazo was created.There’s a psychic link between the two, and Kara’s morality is interfering with Tea’s missions.

In the meantime, Mordred sets up shop in an amusement park with his subjects (aka all the children who were visiting), while Morgaine hatches a plan to stop him. For Circe this deal has to be something secret, something earth shattering, something no one knows about Batman.The twist is rage fuels the armor so the harder soldiers fight against it the stronger it gets, but eventually peace is made once Diana discovers it’s Achille’s Heel and persuades both sides to “relax” when they confront it. FEARFUL SYMMETRY: This is the first episode to set up the season’s story arc and Supergirl’s, as well as being one of a few that link up to previous episodes in the first two seasons of and a very long time so memory of details are few and far between but there was an episode from one of those first two seasons where Superman went rogue and attacked the earth, Supergirl was injured in that melee and taken to Starlabs for help, but they did more than help her, they cloned her.Kara is having bad dreams of terrible things she may have done, mostly involving the execution of a scientist; she loops in Green Arrow and the Question (voiced by horror icon Jeffrey Combs) to help her figure out what’s going on.Depending on whom you talk to ran for only two or three seasons.When I was revisiting the show in 2008 and checking out the series on they had the series listed as only going two seasons, but in the intervening years something happened and now the show has been broken into three seasons.

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