Dating your therapist

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Dating your therapist

He thinks that if he can solve her emotional problems she will want to date him. Suddenly she starts to discuss every problem in her life with him.The guy thinks this is good and listens more and more and more to her complaints.

Most men think that if they like a woman, and she says that he is "sweet," "interesting," or "a wonderful friend," that he is moving the relationship towards romance and sex. The reason why is because women will either put you into the category of "friend" or "lover," but not both.Even if you act like a know it all, we know the truth: YOU DON'T!You have bought into some of these myths and they have caused you trouble somewhere down the road.When you are nice and interesting a woman will likely put you into the category of friend, but not lover.If you don't believe this, just look around at all the jerks who have sex with the hottest women.

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The solution: don't give up being interesting and nice. The solution is to bring out other parts of your personality with a woman.

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