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Gorham, 504 Greendale Avenue, Pittsburgh 18 Rebecca J. To act for his client or employer in professional matters otherwise than as a faithful agent or trustee, or to accept any re- muneration other than his stated recompense for services rendered. To attempt to injure falsely or maliciously, directly or indi- rectly, the professional reputation, prospects or business of anyone. To attempt to supplant another Engineer or Surveyor after definite steps have been taken toward his employment. To compete with another Engineer or Surveyor for employ- ment by the use of unethical practices. To review the work of another Engineer or Surveyor for the same client, except with the knowledge of such Engineer or Sur- veyor, or unless the connection of such Engineer or Surveyor with the work has terminated. To attempt to obtain or render technical services or assistance without fair and just compensation commensurate with the services rendered. To advertise in self-laudatory language, or in any other man- ner, derogatory to the dignity of the profession. To attempt to practice in any field of engineering in which the registrant is not proficient. Definitions .— As used in this act.— (a) “Practice of Engineering” means the practice of the pro- fession which engages in the application of mathematics and the physical sciences, and in the utilization of the forces, energies and materials of nature and in the measurement and delineation of the earth’s surface, for the development, production and functioning of engineering processes, apparatus, machines, equipment, facili- ties, structures, works or utilities, or any combinations, or aggrega- tions thereof, employed in or devoted to private enterprises or uses.Nickles, Secretary Department of Public Instruction Harrisburg IV CONTENTS Foreword m Code of Ethics 1 Registration Act for Professional Engineers . Such practice includes consultation, investigation, research, surveys, planning, designing, direction, supervision and such other services or acts as are a necessary part of such practice.(b) “Engineer-in-Training” means a candidate for licensure as a professional engineer, who has been granted a certificate as an engineer-in-training by reason of graduation from an approved in- stitution or college, or after successfully passing the prescribed written examination in fundamental engineering subjects, and who 3 shall be eligible upon the completion of the requisite years of ex- perience in engineering, under the supervision of a professional engineer, or similarly qualified engineer, for the final examination prescribed for licensure as a professional engineer.

The mere execution as a con- tractor of work designed by a professional engineer, or the super- vision of the construction of such work as a foreman or superintend- ent, or the operation or maintenance of machinery or equipment, or work performed as a salesman of engineering equipment or apparatus, shall not be deemed to be active practice in engineer- ing.Any engineer or sur- veyor whose practice is within the scope of the law and who is not registered is practicing illegally.The Registration Board will welcome any information concerning persons engaged in such illegal practice.A surveyor may not practice any other branch of en- gineering.(f) “Board” means The State Registration Board for Profes- sional Engineers.

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