Dating without kundera

Posted by / 18-Oct-2017 21:24

Dating without kundera

It begins to look like the final piece of the puzzle in the Deep State’s quest to eject Donald Trump from the oval office.

Or America, cribbed out of Amerigo Vespucci, the wicked Florentine cartographer who ascertained that the place called Brazil today was not the east coast of Asia but actually a New World — and so all our troubles began!

Well, there has been a lot of idle chatter the past half-century about the of this-and-that, and it seems that we have located one at last.

I expect that scientific studies out of our best universities will soon confirm that occult transmissions from the statue of Jefferson Davis (a double-devil named after an earlier devil) are responsible for the murder rate in Chicago.

In the meantime, many citizens await Monday’s spectacle of a total solar eclipse in parts of the country.

They apparently don’t realize that another eclipse has been underway for months: the total eclipse of reality across the entire landscape of the USA.

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