Dating with girls without credit

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Dating with girls without credit

Instead Wynonna spent several minutes softly sighing and whimpering before she finally said something, and even then it was none too forceful, "Waverly... That was when Wynonna lost every ounce of self-control she had. But then she had been aching for Wynonna ever since she first saw her again. Then again she had always wanted Wynonna just like this, and now she finally had her. Although it took longer than Wynonna would have liked for Waverly to lean her head forwards, and when she did it was very hesitant and just as she reached her destination she darted her head to the side, totally taking Wynonna by surprise as Waverly wrapped her mouth around the fingers which had just pounded her pussy.

stop..." To her credit Waverly did, but only to whisper in her elder sibling's ear, "Why? Grabbing onto that amazing butt and squeezing it Wynonna forced Waverly's tongue back into her mouth and mercilessly bullied it with her own for maybe a minute, then she picked the younger brunette up, gently placed her down so she was lying flat on her back on the couch with her own body resting on top of her. In fact it may have become even more passionate, although sadly it ended shortly after she switched their positions as she shoved her hand down her little sister's pants and directly into her panties, causing Waverly to gasp and break the kiss. Both sisters let out a primal groan of lust, then Wynonna swore as Waverly started greedily sucking her own juices off of her fingers.

Trying to go for one would be beyond rude, and worse it threatened to disrupt the licking, so really didn't seem worth it. Then Wynonna was hit with a fresh wave of guilt over what she was doing and her need for her vice of choice became unbearable.

So she reached for the nearest bottle, tightening the gentle grip she had in her kid sister's hair so she could hold her in place while doing it.

But it kept happening, Waverly even pushing her hair aside so she could cover more of Wynonna's neck in soft little pecks. " Finally having the strength to move Wynonna turned her body sideways so she could look directly into her sister's eyes and firmly tell her, "Waverly, I'm already going to hell. Wynonna briefly hoped it would be enough that she didn't kiss back, that Waverly would be so discouraged that she would stop and run to her room, but that little taste of what she truly wanted was just too much for Wynonna and after only seconds she began kissing back. Yes, Wynonna could just about stick to fucking her little sister only with three fingers, but no matter how much she knew she should she just couldn't stop completely. Feeling Waverly cum underneath her, and on her fingers, was the greatest thing that Wynonna had ever felt. And while she could resist the urge to violate her baby sister's body even more the urge to get some satisfaction for herself was so overwhelming that eventually she had to give in to it. She just couldn't resist pulling her fingers out of her little sister's cunt, standing up, hastily undoing her belt and pushing her jeans and boxers down to her knees and then looking at Waverly expectantly.

At which point Wynonna should have pushed Waverly away, run out the house, got in her car and got the hell out of this accursed town before she could do any damage to her beloved sister, or it least yell at Waverly for trying something like this. Please don't make me drag you there with me." For a second Waverly just stared at her, then she whispered, "You're worth it." Then Waverly closed her eyes and quickly kissed her. Gently at first, but then Waverly jumped on top of her, her perfect little ass resting on Wynonna's lap, with her hands cupping her face and her little tongue pushing into her mouth. There was then a few long seconds of silence before Wynonna ordered, "Eat me." It came out as a weak mumble, but from the look in her eyes it was clear Waverly got the message.

Now she had actually acted on that impulse, or more accurately failed to stop herself, she didn't expect anything to change.

Apparently get you away with a lot if your big sister goes missing when you're young and you accidentally kill your father. So much so being over protective of your remaining sister so much that you punch someone if they so much as look at her wrong doesn't even raise an eyebrow. Wynonna was fucked up, and once again she was making it worse.

There was no rhyme, reason or pattern, just every swearword under the sun gradually leaving her lips.

Of course when she seceded she had to let go Waverly's head momentarily so she could get to the opener in her jacket pocket and remove the lid, but once that was done she went back to holding that pretty little head, because God forbid she wasn't acting possessively over Waverly for more than five seconds.

It often baffled Wynonna that no one could tell she secretly wanted to fuck her sister.

" It was a little more complicated than that, but knowing that Wynonna didn't want an explanation Waverly just smiled sweetly and told her, "Love you sis." For a long second Wynonna just stared at her, then she swore and grumbled again as she slowly made her way back into the house.

Waverly closed the boot, then locked the car and the front door behind them as she followed her sister into their home. Which wouldn't take much given that this was her biggest fantasy come true, and she had been so close to it for days that she could almost taste it, and everything Wynonna was doing was pushing her closer to the edge of orgasm.

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