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Thanks for conversation club idea, social circle game is best for LTR guys because we want to screen on looks but require more, for me cooking and cleaning. 2g vs 3G is over my head, I'm just trying to check bank accounts etc, not download movies which may be as you said too slow in 2g. Till one day you're up in the rarefied atmosphere and you've forgotten what shit even looks like.

There were some very good looking girls at these events. I felt vibe from pretty much every girl I talked the 18-23 age group percentage of 8 's if you like the slim model type is probably 10-15%.I'm sitting in a cafe with a platinum blond model who is bored out of her skull sitting here in the cafe NOT APPROACHING because my Ukrainian language skills are shit.3) Call info ( I think 466) hit 2, then 9, and I think you will get an operator.they have some English speakers, but they speak very fast-- they are very smart people whose vocabulary is good from book-learning but are not actually used to using it much. It sounds like a female drill sergeant politely giving you rapid fire instructions.

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