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Furthermore an open car-park area with over 696 lots is designated to retail.

The shopping mall hosts a cinema with five salons, an entertainment center, a children’s playground and a foodcourt area, including several restaurants and cafes.

The shopping mall in Sergiev Posad has been in operation since the beginning of August 2014.

The gross building area of the complex amounts to 36,750 m², while the Gross Leasable Area of the retail part is corresponding to 24,883 m².

Moreover, even now the historians can not disclose the relation between them.

A hundred years later the main stone temple was founded on the spot of the former wooden church.

The majority of districts are still bearing charming old names such as Hardware Settlement (Skobianoy Poselok), Peasant Village (Krestianskaya Sloboda) or Birds' Town (Ptitsegrad).

Despite the fact that modern Sergiev Posad considerably depends on the monastery, it still has several surprising and special sides.

In its entirety, the shopping center includes more than 100 retail stores, in addition to the 7,000 m² supermarket.

Adhering to high quality standards, this is essentially a new approach to the concept of a shopping center with a suitable tenant mix that enables citizens to overcome the limitations of everyday routine, while combining shopping experience with leisure.

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The most significant iconostasis of the Lavra was created by the famous Russian icon painters Andrey Rublev and Daniil Cherniy.