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Contemplating an absolutely undisturbed sleep he was given a boon that anyone who dared to disturb his sleep would get burnt to ashes immediately.Fast forward to Dwaparyug, in the darkness deep inside the cave, Kalayavan mistakenly wakes up Muchukunda from his sleep, and sure to his boon Kalayavan was decimated into ashes instantaneously.The reservoir, Damodar Kund, at this place is accounted very sacred.Next is an old shrine of Bhavnath, a form of Shiva, close to Girnar Taleti; Mrigi kund and Sudharshan lake are nearby.Then Muchukunda was delighted to see Lord Shri Krisha there, who was none other than the Lord Vishnu. Lord Damodar here is considered as Adhipati of Girnar Kshetra. Notwithstanding the story though, today Mount Girnar is even more popular as a Shaiva and Siddha Kshetra.This mountain was considered holy to Buddhists as well.

This is dedicated to Damodar, a name of Krishna, from Dam, a rope, because by tradition his mother in vain attempted to confine him with a rope when a child.

Girnar is also significant among Shiva devotees for the so-called "mystic space-time" of the mountain range, with the presence and turnover of different sects of Sadhu Babas, Nath sect and others.

Flora and fauna fairs are also held at the mountains, such as the Maha Shivratri fair.

Mount Girnar is a major igneous plutonic complex which intruded into the basalts towards the close of the Deccan Trap period.

The rock types identified in this complex are gabbros (tholeiitic and alkalic), diorites, lamprophyres, alkali-syenites and rhyolites.

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Also as per mythology, this place is associated with the death of the mighty Yavana warrior Kalayavana in Dwaparyug.

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