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He is eastern-European like Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, etc. His father was a language teacher, and his mother was a teacher at a special school.

Is fluent in Russian, but can not read or write it. According to Landers, he lived in Moscow for a short time during his childhood.

The band’s popularity grew over time and they drew large crowds to their concerts.

Landers played in Feeling B and other bands, such as First Arsch and Die Firma, for about ten years.

Feeling B was one of the first punk bands in Eastern Germany.

The band started out firmly grounded in the underground punk scene.

‘Try some.’ He breaks off a floret and passes it to me.

‘My hands are clean.’ A bottle of sanitising spray sits among the papers and CDs neatly arranged on the desk.

Bacharach’s habitual sartorial elegance – he has a weakness for cashmere sweaters as luxuriant as his orchestral arrangements – is in temporary abeyance: he is dressed in track trousers, a T-shirt and trainers.

It was decided that they should all take time off and then consider whether to continue or not.

Paul was missing for a couple of dates during the tour; the reason is unknown.

At the age of 85, the man who has been described as the greatest songwriter of the 20th century cuts a surprisingly energetic and restive figure.

Burt Bacharach has spent the morning at his home in Santa Monica, California, with his pool trainer, working out on his Aqua Jogger, a device that attaches to the waist, enabling you to run in the water without touching the bottom of the pool.

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Rammstein finished the last date of the European Mutter tour on July 13, 2002.