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In total, 21 people were struck down by the outbreak in July 2012 after heated water in the hot tub was not cleaned or filtered for weeks.

Legionnaires' Disease is a lung infection caused by the bacteria legionella, which is found in fresh and stagnant water.

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He had a great sense of humour and always cheered us all up.'Losing him was horrific and to know that he died through no fault of his own is devastating.'Nothing can ever bring our dad back, but we just wanted to make sure that justice was done and that there was some accountability for his death.'I truly hope no one ever has to go through what we have.'A statement from Mr Hammersley's family read: 'It is difficult to comprehend how a simple shopping trip could have such serious consequences for us all.'Both mum and dad were extremely poorly and admitted to the same hospital on separate wards.'The only contact they had with each other was on the telephone fighting for breath to say words like "I love you".

They had been married for 57 years.'Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal lung infection caused by the bacteria legionella.

Prosecutor Andrew Thomas QC said: 'He went to the store every day and had not had a day off through illness in 35 years.'He went off ill on July 18 and was found dead on July 23.'Mr Hammersley, of Chesterton, Staffordshire, had been in hospital with pneumonia before he was discharged and went on a shopping trip to JTF with his wife.The elderly, smokers, diabetes sufferers, those with kidney disease and cancer patients are most at risk, and men are three times more likely to contract the disease than women.Symptoms of the disease include headaches, muscle pain, high fever, chills, a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pains and sometimes vomiting and diarrhoea.Due to CAN-SPAM regulations these lists do not include email addresses.If you want your direct marketing strategy to drive more business, then quality data is your answer.

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Large buildings such as hotels, hospitals and museums are more vulnerable to contamination because they have larger, more complex water supply systems, which can let the contamination spread quickly.