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Even when you do, you get tired long before last call. Because you know you don't have to hang out in a dark club pretending to enjoy weird beeping robot music in order to get laid.4. You won't just have an impulsive one-night stand without being prepared. You can't just get hammered and forget to drink water and make out outside a bar anymore. You go home and go to bed approximately 3 hours before the mating dance truly begins. Not without waking up the following morning feeling like you got hit by a truck, anyway.17.

So rather than mourn the fact that you're still unattached at 35, recognize what a beautiful opportunity this is to get the best of both worlds. 30-somethings get really excited about their new Tempur-Pedic pillows.

You don't have the energy to actually go to bars and meet new people. Guys in their early twenties start seeming like teenagers to you. No more one-sided or faked orgasms—after all, you're not 22 anymore.9. Unless he proves otherwise, you know better than to waste your time.13. That phase where you only liked guys who treated you like shit? Asking a guy to be a date to your friend's weekend wedding becomes the new passive-aggressive litmus test of his commitment level.

Unless you can get him shipped directly to your house off Amazon Prime, it's not happening.2. You'll inevitably wind up yelling at him to wash the dishes once in awhile.7. Even if it requires the use of a vibrator during sex. And if he's got a problem with vibrators, or he's generally selfish in bed, that's a deal-breaker. "You don't HAVE to go, it's not a big deal, it just might be fun." 16.

You want to have the best guy who’s out there, even if it’s not the best relationship.

You’re a little bit jaded when it comes to life right now and could use a boyfriend who changes your perspective on that.

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Men in their mid-thirties become viable dating prospects.

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