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Dating incline village crystal bay

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4: Monthly pre-taxed cost-of-living stipend WCSO deputies receive to live in Incline/Crystal Bay."Minimum staffing levels now are the same as they were then — there are always two deputies assigned up there for each shift," Kuzanek said this week. "The difference now is we have more resident deputies than before." COST OF LIVING Regarding Incline's higher cost of living, any deputy who chooses to live here gets a 4 monthly stipend, a pre-taxed amount that's part of the collective bargaining agreement with the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association, the department's employee union.The same stipend applies for staff living in Gerlach who patrol there.Prior to the shift, deputies living in Reno or Galena used to drive their personal vehicles over Mount Rose, which left them out gas money and restricted them from policing drivers on their way to work.Over the years, the sheriff's office has maintained the split — which also changed a staffing schedule of three, eight-hour shifts, to shifts of 10 and 12 hours — equated to no drop in service levels to Incline Village and Crystal Bay. We can increase a presence, then, based on those issues on an ongoing basis.

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Bill Devine, who's been here for 28, as full-time residents.

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