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It is represented in a single number which helps represent where countries stand on gender issues.

This number is based on the average of statistics in three categories: reproductive health, empowerment, and economic activity.

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Women who have children as adolescents put their children in a situation where they are much more likely to be raised in poverty, due to the fact that the secondary education dropout rate is significantly higher among adolescents who have children.

The GII also shows that as of 2011 only 65 percent of women aged 15–49 are using any form of contraception and only 67% of women have a skilled professional present for the birth of their child.

Subsequently, women are not allowed to participate in traditional male positions in society; the male is expected to be the head of the household and the main provider.This also gives men the right to make important decisions over women such as when they may procreate, how many children women may have, when and how many daily chores shall be done, if they may receive education, and whether or not they may enter the workforce.Although women who do not conform to what is socially deemed as appropriate behaviour are often subjected to violence, such violence is also targeted towards men who are perceived as effeminate and do not conform to traditional notions of masculinity.In the 2011 Human Development Report, Honduras placed 121st out of 187 countries.Honduras is ranked 101 of 159 countries in 2015 for it's Gender Inequality Human Development Index (.461) with an overall value of 0.511 out of 1 in terms of HDI (with 1 representing perfect inequality) Many of the inequalities stem from longstanding cultural norms and traditions that have been in place for hundreds of years revolving around the tasks and roles played in the agricultural society of old gender roles in Mesoamerica. Honduras became independent from Spanish colonization in 1821, and has since been a republic, although it has consistently endured social problems, violence and political instability, remaining one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. As Honduras is known for having a patriarchy system, gender roles which put women in a subordinate position are quite prominent.

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This low level of contraception use has not equated to a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

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