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must translate to “dirty man.” This insult could describe the various men who have recently made it into the news for sexually assaulting and harassing women.From Harvey Weinstein (who led this latest round of the media outing sex offenders) to Amazon Studios head Roy Price, it’s important to call these men out for what they really are: = A pig; piggish person Also applicable to the deplorable Weinstein and friends, this insult describes someone who is “dirty” or “hypocritical.” While the Yiddish connotes an anti-religious sentiment (since pigs aren’t kosher), this interpretation also plays into the deceptive qualities of a translates to “head” in English, so this insult literally means “dumb-head.” This is a great, easy insult for any savvy, Jewish girl on the go who may not have time to come up with a complex dis for someone who’s so not worth the effort.

As the waters began to flood his house, Jake grabbed his prayer book and climbed onto his roof to pray for salvation.

The attacker shouted "Hitler is a good man" and said it was "good he killed the Jews" after approaching the teenagers, aged 15 and 16, outside a house in Hackney, north-east London.

The bottle "narrowly missed" one of the girls before they ran inside to escape, the Metropolitan Police said.

Our teacher, a 90-year-old man with tobacco-stained fingers and a warm, crinkly smile, spent more time telling us stories of his youth (in which he escaped the Holocaust) and old Jewish jokes (in which an old Jewish lady goes into a restaurant repeating the phrase, “Oy vey”) than he did going over grammar and vocabulary.

So when my partner brought home , I flipped through it to see if I, too, was an idiot capable of learning Yiddish.

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