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She says that there has been a change: 'I hear many stories now about Thai women living foreign and some farang take care well no good,' she says.

In the last few years some questions have been raised on magazines and TV,' says Morris in Bangkok.

It has become the subject of close examination and scrutiny.

This is not just in foreign countries, but now also in Thailand.

Many ex patriate men tend to be interested in meeting Thai women and dating Thai women online.

As Thailand grasps the internet age and society in Thailand itself faces massive changes, there have emerged conflicting reports about finding love with foreigners or online dating with western men.

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At the same time, more middle aged men from broken relationships or no relationships at all, have heard that Thailand is the place to find an old fashioned girl, that's the story but behind it, there is the real cause.' One researcher estimates that 750,000 men arrive in Thailand each year from western countries privately seeking some sort of relationship with a Thai woman.

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