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The death certificate of Charles shows his occupation as independent, but that does not necessarily mean very much. Since both are named in the same short codicil and both received annuities, it seems probable that Mary Scot, who must have been one of Bridgets servants, was the mother of Mary Atkins.I leave to Mary Atkins twenty guineas a year for her life Mary Atkins the daughter of C. Bouverie and to Mary Scot I leave thirteen guineas for life to be paid to her from the time of my death or if she lived on with my mother till after her death or upon quitting her service signed by me Dec. The family was obviously very concerned about the provisions of this codicil since, before probate was granted, two affidavits were sworn that the codicil was in Emmas handwriting.Louisa was born in Deptford, Kent, on 13 June 1826 (click here for her baptism record from St Paul, Deptford, Lewisham) and was the only daughter and youngest child of Richard Gowlland (click here for his biography) and Louisa Mary, ne Yeames.She married Charles Bouverie on 28 July 1845 at St Brides, Fleet Street, London (click here for the marriage certificate).

Edward's parents were Edward Skilton [sic] ( mother was Keturah ne Coles (1802 - 1881), born in Alderholt, Dorset, daughter of John (born c1768) and Mary ne Colebourne (c1765 - 1849).John's father John Coles was born c1740 in Wiltshire, and his mother was Elizabeth ne Target (born c1740).In December 2012 we were given the following background information provided originally to a descendant of Dora May Gowlland (1908 - 1995), incorporating errors as is usual in these cases, and which I have not attempted to correct - in particular, the obsession with the spelling of "Welsh/Welch" where, despite what was written, we find all the official documents show the "Welch" spelling: Welch, Margaret's sister and thus Alfred's aunt, helped to bring him up after his mother Margaret died in 1856.The affidavits were sworn in respect to the complete codicil, which tends to confirm the suggested relationship between the two Marys.The provisions mentioned above in Emmas will relating to the illegitimate children of Charles Henry would normally have applied to Mary Atkins but, presumably, her mother was bought off with the two annuities (it is very unlikely that she would have known of the provisions of the will and doubtless the family had no intention of telling her).

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Mary's husband was a Mr Glanville: he was a Congregational minister, and also the warden of a "Home for Fallen Women" in South London.