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Dating an orthodox russian man

Patriarchal: This Cross has two horizontal arms with the upper one shorter than the lower.

The top arm represents the inscription placed by Pilate on the Cross (Matt. Three-Barred: This Cross existed very early in Byzantium, but was adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church and especially popularized in the Slavic countries.

It is for this reason that we sing the triumphant hymn of the Holy Cross: Types of Crosses Tau (or T): This is so-called because it resembles the Greek letter of that name.

This was the typical Cross used for Roman crucifixions. Andrews: According to Church tradition, this is the type of Cross on which St. Greek: This Cross has arms of equal length and was probably developed by the Greeks as having a more perfect form.

By the 6th Century, Christian art had arrived at the direct representation of the crucifixion; but even then, almost three hundred years after the Emperor Constantine had abolished execution by crucifixion, for many the direct representation of the crucified Christ remained a stumbling block.

Only gradually was the symbolic representation of Christ on the Cross replaced by the depiction of the actual crucifix (i.e., the crucified Christ), which in the East, culminated in the eight-pointed Cross most common in the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Cross The world of Christian symbols is a hierarchy of signs that have their origin in divine forms of which they are images, according to St. The whole purpose of a man's life is knowledge of the Cross, that, at the end of his road, he might say: I have been crucified with Christ:, it is no longer I who live, but Christ Who lives in me (Gal. In order to become a temple, a repository of the Spirit of God, the soul should follow the Lord step by step along the way of the Cross until, at last, all that remains for it is to be lifted up on the Cross in spirit, after which follows spiritual resurrection in the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

John of Damascus [Three Apologies Against the Iconoclasts]. Did not the Lord Himself tell us, that he who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me (Matt. The Holy Apostles, having heard the Savior speak of His own crucifixion and death on the Cross, and knowing the words of Old Testament Scripture that had been fulfilled, were wont to say: What God foretold by the mouth of all the prophets, that His Christ should suffer, He thus fulfilled (Acts ).

According to Tertullian (2nd Century), both the Greek letter T and the Latin T were images of the Cross of Christ. Anthony the Great (f 356) wore the T-Cross on his clothing and St.

Zeno, Bishop of Verona, had a T-shaped Cross erected on the dome of a basilica built by him in 362 A. Thus, with a greater desire of Christians to imitate the actual Cross of Christ, the T-Cross became prevalent.

By the 5th Century, however, the four-pointed Cross became more popular under two forms: the so-called Greek Cross ( ) and the Latin Cross (t).

The communicants approach the chalice with crossed arms.

Thus, without the Cross, there is no sacrament, no life and no salvation.

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The third Sign of the Cross, as the particles are placed in the chalice, sanctifies the four corners of the world.

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