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Dating agencies uk new listings

Most towns and villages in the United Kingdom have a war memorial or plaque listing the names of those who died serving their country in the First World War.In many cases names of those men from the locality who were killed during the Second World War have been added to the memorials of 1914-1918.Depending on the type of records held by the relevant war grave agency you may also be able to find details for next of kin if they were recorded and, in the case of British and Commonwealth casualties, find additional invaluable detail such as the age of the casualty, the Service number and the military unit.In addition to the war grave agencies there may be other records confirming the death of a person whilst serving in the military.

A list of over 41,000 officers who died in the Great War was published in one volume in 1919.Website: Ireland, Casualties of World War 1 Website: Memorial Record of World War 1 Website: Memorial Records 1914-18 A Roll of Honour may exist for a particular military unit and might have been published in a unit history.There may be a mention of the individual you are searching for in a locally, privately produced Roll of Honour for the company he worked for, the school he went to, the football or cricket team he played for, the town he lived in or the church where attended.Information about the war grave agencies and other records for war dead available for you to search is given below.If you think a relative may have died in the First World War whilst serving with the British & Commonwealth forces it should be straightforward to find a record of their death.

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Where they are not, enquiries can be made by letter or telephone and advice will be given to help you locate your relative.