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Being a little more real can actually help the spark, in this case.

Greene also says to make sure you aren't spending every waking moment together: "The old adage fire needs air, well, it applies to couples as well.

Part of what makes long-term relationships so appealing is the level of comfort and intimacy you get to experience with another human.

Sometimes, though, it's that exact comfort that makes the spark start to fade."When was the last time you paid your other half a compliment or did something special for them as a surprise?

If you get too comfortable, it's natural to feel unappreciated," says Preece.

If one or both of you is unsure about what's coming, it can be easy to stop putting in as much effort to keeping the passion alive."Do you know where you see yourselves as a couple in the future?

Even if you and your partner are each other's perfect fit, you may find that the passion wanes over time. I spoke to some experts to get their take on what it means when the spark fades in your relationship and how can you make sure you get back on track.

Dating guru and relationship expert James Preece says, "The most common reason relationships fail is because you both stop making an effort."When couples are together over a long period of time, it's pretty normal to fall into patterns, and that's OK.

We go to raves and do athletic activities and take a lot of trips.

If you feel like your relationship might be getting stuck in a rut, and that's the reason the spark is fading, get out together and do something new.

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Relationships are generally pretty wonderful: It's nice to have a partner to do things with, it's great to feel supported all the time, and it's exhilarating to think you might have found the person you'll spend forever with.