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Dana delany dating russell smith

Starred in ''Desperate Housewives (2004-2012)'' alongside Teri Hatcher with whom she shares the role of Lois Lane.

Both women also played the love interest of James Denton who played the role of Lois Lane's love interest Clark Kent/Superman in ''All-Star Superman (2011)''.[on Pasadena] Tommorrow night, I seduce a security guard in the dressing room in the store.

She commented: "It was just a little awkward to be Nellie at first because she hesitates to marry Emile since he had once lived with a Polynesian woman -- I don't agree with her reasoning so that made things a bit hard at the beginning." She won critical acclaim in 1983 in Nicholas Kazan's off-Broadway Blood Moon.

New York Times critic Mel Gussow cited her "skillful verisimilitude" handling a difficult part requiring two roles "and she does them both with authority." He elaborated: "The impressionable Miss Delany is alternately tantalized and suspicious, but even as the audience senses that she is in jeopardy, she allows herself to fall under Mr. Miss Delany has to step awkwardly in and out of scenes and to address the audience." Delany moved to Hollywood and during the next few years found work guest starring in TV shows like Moonlighting and Magnum, P. Some roles had dark undercurrents requiring deft handling; for example, in the Moonlighting episode "Knowing Her", she played detective David Addison's seemingly friendly ex-girlfriend while secretly planning his murder.

"They thought I wasn't pretty enough", she said in an interview, but heeding advice from director Paul Schrader, she "cut her long tresses into a bob" and re-auditioned with this new haircut, successfully, after the producers lost their first choice. Her character can't help radiating compassion from beneath the protective shell she uses to cope with the horrors of war." As a celebrity and talented actor, Delany was particularly attractive not only for her acting talent but with men.

Actor and director Diane Keaton commented that "across the board, men love Dana" and that "she's got a special thing with them" and said "she's got the world's most perfect body." In the years following China Beach, Delany worked steadily in television, movies, theater.

Dana started playing professionally in theatre productions, first in summer stock, and afterwards in Off Broadway, and Broadway productions.

Dana Delany's first audition for the lead role of nurse Colleen Mc Murphy was unsuccessful. Delany, whose clean-cut, no-frills style is consistently refreshing, clearly serves as the anchor figure in the weekly repertory company ...

Next week, I'm making out with my daughter's boyfriend and the week after that, it's his brother. [her sexual fantasy: having a threesome with two bisexual men] I have a "Jules and Jim" fantasy, definitely - you know, two men and a woman in love.

And I remember reading in a magazine that the high you get from falling in love only lasts about four years.

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The final curtain falls and another day comes to an end. At age 36, many women have married, settled down, and raised a family, but that is not for me.

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