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Cyber secx

Date: Security people often respond to security problems by throwing crypto at them.

After all, if crypto is good then more of it has to be even gooder.

Being developed in several EU projects, these approaches reflect the leading-edge research activities on critical infrastructure protection.

The workshop sessions will cover innovative concepts for identification and analysis of attacker behaviour and potential threats, the assessment of cascading effects in infrastructure networks, the influence of the human factor on security and the protection of physical perimeter.

Conversely, some problems can be addressed using far simpler mechanisms than the ones that cryptographers come up with, often by moving the goalposts slightly to make the problem solvable, if less cryptographically interesting."Hard and Not-necessarily-hard Problems in Cryptography" looks at some problems that can't be solved through cryptography even if at first glance they may appear solvable, as well as ones that can be solved if you're prepared to turn them into slightly different problems.The Competence Center IT-Securty and the Master’s Degree Program IT-Security welcome the worldwide renowned computer scientist Peter Gutmann from the University of Auckland, New Zealand to the Campus Lectures.In einer Podiumsdiskussion sollen die Herausforderungen der neuen Datenschutzrechtslage aus Sicht der jeweiligen Institutionen dargestellt und erörtert werden.Am am Nachmittag und am werden einige für die Wirtschaft besonders wichtige Bereiche des neuen Datenschutzregimes in Fachvorträgen näher beleuchtet.

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This knowledge is intended to contribute to a lasting change in the behavior and thus to increase the information security of the company. Datenhändler, Big Data, Anonymisierung von Daten, Tracking sowie Analyse und Auswertung von Nutzerdaten. bis in Wien Die Privacy Week geht in die nächste Runde: Der große Zuspruch zur ersten Privacy Week des Chaos Computer Club Wien gab uns recht: Das komplexe Thema „Privatsphäre im digitalen Zeitalter“ beschäftigt uns alle: Anwender Innen, Pädagog Innen, Medien, Bürger Innen und Unternehmen. Rund um die Big Brother Awards Österreich werden wir euch wieder spannende Vorträge, noch mehr Workshops, Themen- und Fortbildungstage (für Schulen, Developer und Medien) anbieten.

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