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On March 12 1917, he attested as an air mechanic, 3rd class, before sailing to England for pilot training, eventually joining 84 Squadron, RFC.

His lack of height caused problems: he was too short to reach the rudder bar and sat too low in his seat for a cockpit view.

However, he overcame these issues with a few adjustments to his aircraft.

een “to do his bit’ as the war dragged on, he responded to a British recruiting campaign and volunteered for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC).

After being discharged from hospital in March 1919, Beauchamp Proctor embarked on a lecture tour of the United States.

He received his VC from George V at Buckingham Palace in November 1919.

Over the past 160 years, 1,358 VCs have been awarded (not including the recent and separate VCs from Australia, New Zealand and Canada).

My first VC purchased at auction, in 1986, was intended as a one-off but my passion for bravery, in general, and the VC, in particular, has meant I embarked on building a collection.

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