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Another woman complained that her ex wouldn’t consider any other opinions as being valid, including hers.

Those are serious issues, of course, and I commend them for exiting those relationships. And likely their controlling and arrogant behavior would exist whether they were believers or not.

Church Bible Plan, six couples write about six wedding vows they never officially said at the altar.

Are there overbearing misogynists who seem to believe that Jesus wanted them to control their wives? But there are also plenty of Christian men who have learned by their Christian faith that both men and women have an inherent dignity and that women present unique gifts to the world where men lack.

He valued other things more, namely his girlfriend and his faith, and that impressed her.

She stuck with it, and eventually they got married.

While it's certainly possible that your marital bed could be bad, I’m not sure it’s any more likely than the possibility of eventually getting bored by your spouse or find that you are no longer fulfilled like you used to be. And, frankly, there’s something about delaying sexual intimacy that means you have to invest in other parts of the relationship. I'm all in favor of giving somebody a chance, regardless of faith or background, to win you over on their own terms.

Moreover, there’s evidence to suggest that waiting until marriage actually increases sexual fulfillment in marriage, and that fewer sexual partners before marriage leads to happier marriages, particularly for women. Go into things with an open mind and take it one step (i.e., one date) at a time.

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Once upon a time, her new boyfriend informed her that sex wasn’t going to be in the picture for him until marriage.