Chinese datin sex video

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Chinese datin sex video

In a message on its Weibo account, which is still available, Zank said it had been accused by the internet regulator of broadcasting pornographic content and so had been closed down.New regulations issued by Beijing will prohibit portrayals of homosexuality, prostitution and drug addiction.Homosexuality in China was decriminalised in 1997 and remained on the official list of mental illnesses until 2001.A video has emerged online in China showing a live donkey being pushed into a zoo's tiger enclosure, as shocked visitors look on.One man told local TV: “It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job.”Li Bin, a migrant factory worker from south-western Sichuan Province, said: "I have three girlfriends, and all of them know about each other.“Many of my friends also have many girlfriends."There are so many young and naive female workers in the city. “Look, everyone is here to have fun; if you don’t do it, others will.”Li Bin admitted that it was a “joke” for a man to only have one female partner.The high female population is thought to be down to China’s one child policy, which has created a bit of a gender imbalance between the sexes.The China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) is targeting what they consider "abnormal" sexual activity.

The move is seen by human rights groups as the latest tightening of censorship in China.

When the men were stopped they reportedly tried to push the animals into the tiger enclosure instead.

It sounds like every man’s dream and for those living in one Chinese city, having two or three girlfriends is the reality.

“First of all, from the perspective of an artist, very few countries in this world set up a censorship system that violates its citizens’ freedom to create arts,” Li wrote on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website.

“Second, it also violates the rights of sexual minorities to express their sexual preference.” In 2016, Freedom House, which promotes democracy and human rights, condemned China as the “worst abuser of internet freedom” in the world. According to a survey by Peking University, less than 15 per cent of homosexuals said they had come out to their families, and more than 50 per cent of those who had revealed their sexuality, said they had suffered discrimination as a consequence.

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Dubbed the ‘city of sex’, Dongguan is home to so many women that the men living there are dating several women at once.

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