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I’m always a bit paranoid the first day in a country, especially my first few hours in a country like Cambodia, and for good reason. “To a bar I know, we will meet my friend there.” “I just wanted to meet you.” I replied.

It started to bother me that I didn’t know where we were going exactly. “It is just for a place to relax and talk.” Something didn’t feel right.

It was late and I called it a night, but I did notice that 45 year old Australian guy leading two Cambodian girls into his hotel room. We met at a place known for pizzas with dough made with marijuana. She looked more Vietnamese or Chinese than Cambodian to me, with her completely white skin and Asian eyes.

She had the best English of anyone I had met in Cambodia yet and our personalities clicked pretty well.

Her English wasn’t good, but I was able to understand.

After driving for a couple minutes I noticed that the taxi meter was much more expensive than in Thailand, it made me start worrying.

I was able to set up a date for later that night rather easily and two hours later she was outside my hotel in a taxi.

I hopped into the taxi with her and we started talking.

The one that had the most attractive girls with good response rates was I suggested we go back to my hotel so I could show her my travel pictures (a typical hotel bounce move of mine). After arriving in her hotel room, it escalated to sex rather easily.The sex was good, other than the fact that she went very dry very quickly.We went back to my hotel and I said goodbye as she went home. The next day I woke up and started exploring the city and doing all the research so I would know if somebody was taking me to a shady part of town or where they said they were taking me. They had really bomb food and I would go to a restaurant and buy a sea food meal for 2.50$ with everything included.Another thing that bothered me is that I didn’t see many body language signals that she was that into me and since I’m the author of 120 Body Language Signals That She Likes You, I can always tell how into me a girl is. That sea food meal was also the best tasting meal I had tried in Asia. I returned home and talked to some girls on the Asian Dating (the best dating site I have found in Cambodia, check it out if you want to know how Cambodian girls look) , I set up a date for later that day with a really cute girl.

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I had heard a lot of good things about Cambodian Girls especially from Around the World in 80 girls, a book about a guys adventures traveling the world.

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