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Chat cruising sex

"It's all about how you present yourself," says Joel, "That is what dictates the experience."According to Joel the average visit to Grindr lasts only eight minutes.

With the help of the i Phone, mobile application use has grown exponentially from elite tech fashion to an entire culture of app whores. If there’s an app for anything from emergency medical advice to language translation, is it any surprise there’s one to calculate distance to sex?Especially since online dating is really the only kind of dating I've ever known.I started cruising AOL's m4m chat rooms when I was 14, and in college used to look for relationships, while supplementing my dates with cheap hookups from I can't count how many of my online profiles have gone the way of My Space: outdated photos and spam piling up in my inbox.I peered over my seat, scanning for a fellow passenger holding an i Phone."It's not necessarily accurate," Troy explained once I landed."It doesn't measure vertical distance, only latitudinal and longitudinal.

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"I don't like to say we're a dating service, because we are really just a technology provider with user generated content." says Joel, who says Grindr has been adding about 2,000 new users a day since it launched in March 2009.

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