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lol (Nothing) Maybe they’re preparing some April Fool’s prank for your birthday? (Zen) Selection 5 I want to wish you a happy birthday seriously. (Nothing) I can’t believe it’s already the third one T_T (Nothing) Selection 9 What is the gift? (Nothing) Selection 12 Don’t tell me that cardboard set is his real gift? (Zen) Selection 15 There’s something better for birthday gifts… (Zen) I just want to share everything good in this world with you guys! Don’t really like cardboards lol (Nothing) Do you know the hidden truth behind cardboard curves? (Zen) Selection 19 What do you feel about photos like that? (Nothing) I want to be the first one to call you this year! (Nothing) Hello, Seven~ (Nothing) Selection 8 What’s P Roulette? (Nothing) P Roulette will take care of you even if you don’t want it~~! (707) Selection 13 Of course he’s not sending 1 ton of cardboard, haha. (707) Think about what it’s like on the receiving end, Seven… (Nothing) I feel the company is compensating you with something… (707) Seven, I can see your hand holding up the paper boat. (Nothing) Selection 12 What a globally cultured prank. (707) Just imagining messages I can’t understand scares me… (Yoosung) That’s a little rude considering Zen’s allergy;;; (Zen) Selection 14 But it only comes once a year. (Nothing) Yea, doing weird things to the messenger doesn’t really do much.. (Jaehee) Selection 15 I feel like Zen would want water that’s 40 degrees. He should get a beer lol (Nothing) Selection 16 I want to eat an omelette, Yoosung. (Yoosung) Selection 18 Fried eggs are lighter than omelettes. T_T (Yoosung) Selection 19 They look like they’re so ready to eat in that photo. Character(s): Zen, 707 Outgoing Calls: Jumin, Zen, Yoosung (Call 707 for a silly VM message) Note: 707 calls after this chat Selection 1 Hi, Zen!

Selection 1 I’m so glad you’re here whenever I come. Just do it; (Zen) Selection 6 What are we gonna do about Seven? (707) Anyways, as long as your fingers are apart now, lol. Character(s): Zen Selection 1 Did something happen, Zen? (Nothing) Happy birthday~ ^^ (Nothing) Selection 7 You should go home if you’re not feeling well… (Zen) Selection 9 Is anything going on at LOLOL for April Fool’s Day? (Yoosung) Selection 11 Zen has me, so he’s an exception ^^ (Zen) Don’t be lonely everyone. (Yoosung) I’ll just put up your face on the screen and put a cake in front of it ^^ (Zen) I’d love to cook for your birthday, Zen ^^ (Zen) Selection 17 Are you hanging out with your guild members? (Nothing) Selection 20 Zen T_T Go rinse your mouth at least. (Nothing) You don’t intend to collect the cat food back…?

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