Can t remove old updating log file

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Especially since they release upgrades when they are fixing vulnerabilities.So having older versions of JRE on your machine could be a back door in for some elicit hacker.This is a good idea so it can clean out everything.When it is done it tells you what it has cleaned: Wow Version 6 update 1… Java RA then tells you that it is complete and opens its log file for you to peruse.I still think you may end up doing a clean uninstall and reinstall if the Clam AV logs become too large again because that should not happen as I mentioned before. Drop Lorne a PM with the support dump and see what he has to say before you do a complete new reinstall though. Logs consumed roughly 400GB of storage over the course of the day before he ran out.Log file is full of this: Second client reported same issue this morning. In both cases, I killed Immunet, deleted all the logs so I'd have enough space to do anything, the started Immunet back up and ran the upgrade. Regards Achille It is vitally important to make sure you type the command in correctly for it to work or you will get an invalid command error message.

You did the right thing by updating to the newest version. BTW - If Immunet 5.0 is now used in a business environment no technical support will be provided by the Support staff. Hello, I right-click on the Immunet sys tray icon and select Hide Tray Icon from the little pop-up menu and then typed 'net stop immunetprotect in the CMD.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty because you probably don’t care but if you want to learn more about JRE and the Java Machine it launches check out this wikipedia article.

My company has JRE on all its machines because it is how our employees clock in and out of our Etime system.

Now I am not one to get you all worked up and paranoid without a solution (an easy one at that! RAProducts has a small program called Java Ra 1.3 that will fix you right up.

It will help you grab the latest and greatest JRE version and remove all older versions of JRE from your machine.

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Info on how to send a SDT report can be found here.

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