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It’s this type of devotion that leads ISFJs to seek out purposeful life pursuits. If there is any unique combination, the most obvious would be the feeling and judging that we see here.

We like to associate feelers with percepters however this is what gives the ISFJ the drive they have.

Whenever you see that combination of Sensing and Feeling many other types think to run for the hills. What isn’t seen is the strength this type holds, or the fierce loyalty that is developed quickly and held for a lifetime.

ISFJs are hidden gems of the MBTI world but ironically, they are one of the most voluminous types by percentage of the population.

This way all involved can ensure that they are being recognized for what they contribute and stay focused on the bigger goal. Changing the world would never be considered too small of a task for an ISFJ.

This is where the judging aspect becomes a primary factor in their lives. But their feeling side keeps them grounded enough to not forget about the people involved. Neither would ending world hunger, bringing about international peace between warring countries or even something like saving animals lives for a living.

They are almost as much silent motivators as they are defenders at heart. If you’re an ISFJ looking for a career to fuel your drive, you’ll find a list of rewarding jobs here.

Good Read: The INFJ Advocate Being the introvert they are ISFJs may often find they under-appreciated.

They are always on the move and if you attempt to watch this type in action for too long, you’ll be sure to be left feeling dizzy and unproductive.

Prior to that, I was just beginning to warm up to Colorado when we found out we had to move to Phoenix.

I know I will feel at home here in our new town, but our daily life is a lot more difficult now for many reasons.

Or, worst case scenario, downright taken for granted.

This doesn’t stop them from building strong loyalties though.

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This unsurpassable desire to keep moving forward has become that basis of many well-known and famous ISFJs.

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