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Note what Luke said, This verse tells us something about the parents of John the Baptist.

Zechariah was a priest whose duty it was, on certain occasions, to offer the national sacrifices in the temple at Jerusalem.

The twenty-four elders mentioned in the Book of Revelation also reflected this new arrangement.

But by the time of Samuel and David, that family had grown to such proportions that they could not all officiate together at one time in the temple.While he was accomplishing his assigned requirements, Luke said an angel came to him and told him that his wife Elizabeth would bear a child.Zechariah could hardly believe what he was told because Elizabeth was beyond the age of childbearing.In doing this, Luke began his story with John the Baptist.He gave some chronological indications as to the time of Johns conception and birth.

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The suggestion was made in the last chapter that the Magi presented their gifts to Jesus on December 25, 2 B. When the Magi arrived, Jesus was already walking and was able to speak a few words as most normal children would be able to do when several months old.

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