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The dorsal fin bears elongate blotches on the posterior half of each fin membrane, usually fading distally, but in some fish occupying the whole membrane.Proximally there is a gap between these blotches and 3-5 bars which originate at the posterior edge of the base of branched ray three and succeeding rays, and extend distally across the ray and then along the ray and the membrane to the gap.Karyotype analysis separates this species from Garra rufa (Esmaeili et al., 2009). V") according to Berg (1913) where the original description is founded on these fish, implying all are types. Three syntypes are in the Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta (ZSI F11101/1) listed under Garra rufa obtusa and received from the Zoological Institute, St.The syntype specimens are in the Zoological Institute, St. VII") and 11706 (1 specimen from "Kiabad in Zirkuh (Eastern Khorassan). The latter is also given as "settlement Kiabad between Zirkuh province and Sistan" in the catalogue (this locality may be at or near Kuh-e Ziri at 3248'N, 5950'E according to Coad (1981d)). Petersburg, Russia on exchange (Menon and Yazdani, 1968).

Males develop numerous breeding tubercles around the snout, between the nostril and the eye and between the nostrils.

Petersburg under catalogue numbers ZISP 11707 (6 specimens from the "River Bampur in Eastern Persia. These dates are old style and corrected to new in Berg (1949) (27. There are more apparent types available than those listed by Berg (1913).

Two pairs of barbels are present, the adhesive disc is well developed with a free posterior margin, the dorsal fin has 7 branched rays, and the caudal fin modally 16 branched rays.

There is a transverse depression anterior to the nostrils on the snout.

A postspawning individual from the Hormuz basin measuring 148.7 mm SL has small tubercles under the eye running forward onto the snout as a band, the most evident tuberculation. The top of the head has tubercles but these are smaller and sparser than the band under the eye.

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Scattered large tubercles are present on the gill cover.

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