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Yet by telling the world that under no circumstances would he press the nuclear button, he has left no doubt that, under him, the deterrent would be meaningless.Thus, the man who loves terrorists around the world would leave his own country defenceless.

He may have said he will obey his party’s command to renew Trident, at a cost of billions of pounds a year.If you doubt what the Mail is saying, scroll down or click here where we catalogue quote after quote by this deadly troika, in which they damn themselves out of their own mouths.These offer a devastating indictment of the depths to which Labour has sunk, and the naivety of a worrying number of Britons who see these three hard extremists as cuddly idealists prepared to hose money on the British people.As the Mail’s City Editor Alex Brummer spells out here, everything we’ve worked so hard for could evaporate overnight under the economically illiterate policies dreamed up by Mr Corbyn and his fellow Marxist Mr Mc Donnell, who was fired by former London Mayor ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone as too Left-wing even for him.Who in his right mind would lend money to a government committed to the mass nationalisation and unfettered union power that came so close to destroying us in the Seventies?

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Today, the Daily Mail accuses Jeremy Corbyn, John Mc Donnell and Diane Abbott — the troika who could run the next government — of being unashamed apologists for terror, who have devoted their lives to befriending the enemies of Britain while undermining the very institutions that keep us safe in our beds. We have no doubt that Mr Corbyn’s expressions of horror over the atrocities in Manchester and at London Bridge, and his sympathy for the victims and their families, were sincere.