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When June—who is juggling an unpaid internship with her job at the coffee shop—accuses Chloe of being selfish and irresponsible, Chloe adopts a foster daughter (Kerris Dorsey) and hires her as her personal assistant.James lands a role in a film opposite Mad Men child star Kiernan Shipka.Following June's breakup with Steven, Chloe sets her up with a guy she believes is perfect for her, Scott (Michael Landes).The two hit it off, until June finds out Scott is Chloe's father, whom she claims is separated from her mother.However, Chloe becomes jealous over the budding friendship between June and James.

Chloe decides to take June around the city and teach her how to be confident.

June struggles to keep up with Chloe's fast-paced lifestyle, ending up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

She also discovers that Chloe is the subject of a graphic novel called Tall Slut, No Panties, which is popular in Japan.

On May 13, 2011, ABC picked up the project to series under the shortened title Apartment 23.

ABC elected to air these episodes out of order, interspersing first and second-season episodes without regard to continuity.

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Although sad, June thanks Chloe for helping her learn about Steven before she might have married him.

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