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Behaviour seems intimidating some such behaviour

Try the following approach: - Remind pupils of rules before activities take place - Reinforce appropriate behaviour.Use tokens and symbols which can be used for privileges - Encourage pupils and students to self-assess their and behaviour and award themselves appropriate tokens/points - Individual/ Group/Whole class rewards.

How you approach tackling behaviour will vary depending on the level you are teaching, although there will be some similarities.

Teachers do need to keep up-to-date with learning processes, styles and how young people learn. Some older, more experienced teachers do not like change and this in itself can cause tension and stress.

The ability on behalf of the teacher as they become more experienced to use a variety of teaching methods to match various learning styles is crucial to good classroom management and can reduce disruptive behaviour and keep pupils engaged, which ultimately leads to high quality learning. Do you need to refresh how you employ these techniques? - Remind yourself of behaviour management skills you have learnt and used in the past, but no longer employ. - Get to understand the physical, social and psychological settings that you and your pupils and students find yourselves - Compare notes with colleagues – old and new. Take a look at John Fisher’s Personal Transition Curve (John Fisher 2012) to help manage change.

We will break down techniques by primary and secondary.

We are going to talk about four basic approaches, which research has found to improve classroom behaviour Some of these strategies are widely used, some are under used and some may even be a little quirky.

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This does not mean losing sight of principals and letting the students rule, however.

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