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"In Japan, sex is translated as 'relationship in flesh,'" she told CNN in 2009, "so I named those boys 'herbivorous boys' since they are not interested in flesh." Herbivores are increasingly present in Japan, according to 2015 survey of 1,134 people aged 16 to 49 reported on in the Japan Times.

"Among male respondents, 17.9 percent reported little or no interest in having sex — or even an extreme dislike of it," the Japan Times reports.

Japan Times blogger Rebecca Milner supplies a taxonomy: nikushoku-kei danshi (肉食系男子; carnivore guys): Classic macho guys who go after what – and who – they want.

sōshoku-kei danshi (草食系男子; herbivore guys): Shy guys who don’t make a move; prey for the growing number of nikushoku-kei josei (carnivore girls).

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The country's notoriously long work hours (think 80-hour weeks) appear to also have an effect on sexuality; over 20% of the married men in the Japan Times study said they weren't interested in sex because they were too tired from work.

But on the other hand, the 'herbivorization' may also represents a revolution of identity politics in the island country.

Herbivore men "have some feelings of revulsion towards the older generation," Fukasawa said in another interview. And the impact of the herbivores on the economy is very big.

They're such big news now because sales are down, especially of status products like cars and alcohol." And as with all good buzzwords, the 'herbivore' terminology has given rise to an entire range of heterosexual identificaties.

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