Backup exec updating catalogs hang

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Symantec have great number of guides, postings at there site too, but sometimes its hard to find the correct solution when its kinda urgent.🙂 3- Backup Exec (2012 SP4) Services Credentials Lost on every Reboot [6th June, 2014] 4- V-79-57344-42009 – Failed to load the configuration xml file, [6th June, 2014] 5- Barcode Labeling [10th June, 2014] 6- Exclude a sub-folder name “xyz” or end with , from every where in specific folder/drive.This will give you a nice text version suitable for saving, searching, etc.Portions of this can be copied and pasted back into the text view of the selection list.But sometimes even excluding a non-critical component can turn off the SDR (for example in my case I was excluding a ‘backup folder’ from G: drive and SDR was turning off , possibly it was thinking that the whole G: drive was critical component for SDR.For Example: So in order to forcefully exclude it, I had to use the following by adding the drive entry in the REGISTRY manually.Adding a WITH clause to select a particular selection list could be useful also.UPDATE: This is not applicable to Backup Exec 2010.

Its GUI interface looks pretty much simple and easy to navigate, but I found it very typical to configure Tape Library for auto loading function according to job/day. I will keep updating with day to day tasks and issues I face and how I manage to solve them.Instead, you can go to the Job Setup tab, find the selection list, right click "View Summary", and then highlight and copy the text from the window that pops up.Filed under: Symentec Related — Tags: 0x E000FED1, 1798 Hotfix 216746, backup exec 2012 notes, Exclude folders in BE with SDR, NDMP PORT, User-Defined Exclusion Resources, vss writer failed, VSS Writer timed out — Syed Jahanzaib / Pinochio~:) @ AM Recently we upgraded our SAP infrastructure with new IBM x Series server and also replace the old IBM tape library TS3200 with TS100.You'd insert it, then run an Inventory on the tape library/drive.This will tell BUE what is in the drive and what backup media files exist.

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Then you'd run a catalog against those media files in order to see what actually exists WITHIN those backup media files to be able to restore.

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