Are damon wayans jr and eliza coupe dating

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JH: The cast chemistry really seemed to have gelled from the start. I knew of some of their work like I knew Casey Wilson from and was a fan of hers, I was a fan of Elisha’s but I had never met any of them.

We see them with other characters in separate stories sometimes.

Casey and Adam Pally knew each other because they had both come up through the Upright Citizens Brigade and Eliza also comes from the UCB world.

We try to do as much Improv as we can do on the set, which is difficult because we’re on a network show and you’re under such a time crunch but even on the lower scale, even if it’s not changing the joke it’s not being beholden to every little word so we allow them to make it their own within their voice.

It was really that idea more than the wedding itself.

That’s where the idea started and then I just wanted to do a show with a bunch of people my age.

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