Amy and fry dating futurama

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Amy and fry dating futurama

(Cut to Amy's apt and we see Amy and Leela sitting at a table. I feel bad about it, but in my dreams I enjoy it and I don't know how to explain it. (Kif starts to strangulate Fry.) Fry: Kif, what are you doing? Kif: You are having dirty dreams with Amy, and you are questioning me? Kif: (Stops choking Fry and as Fry is gasping for air.) This man has a perverted mind, he's been having dreams of being naked with you Amy. I was all with the running and trying not lose you. (The door slides open and Leela appears with a mean look on her face.) Leela: Explain what? Fry: Leela, you have to believe me, I don't love Amy that way. (Just then Fry arrives and he has something behind his back.) Leela: Good Morning, Fry. (Reveals it is an ax and tries to chop Leela, but she ducks.

Fry: Then what if you been having dreams of being naked with another women? Fry: I mean let's say you were having naked dreams of Leela, how would you deal with it? Fry: Look Kif, I can't take the guilt, I have been having dreams of being naked with Amy. Leela looks into Fry's eyes hoping that it is not true.) Leela: Are you sure it was Amy, and not me in an Amy mask? Just then Bender enters.) Bender: Well, I brought the booze and I managed to ditch Zoidberg, where's this fancy home cooked dinner? He's panting.) Zoidberg: Bender, I'm so glad I finally caught up with you. Outside of Leela's apartment and Fry is knocking on the door.) Fry: Leela, please let me in, I can explain. Amy: Oh Fry, I know you want me, but there is something you need to do before we can be together. Leela: Yes, sometimes I wonder what would happen if he had kept those things?

Bender rushes into the room.) Bender: Fry, I heard you scream, did you cut yourself on the edge of the bed, again? It was just a dream, just one crazy dream and it is over. Fry and Amy are naked and eating and we see the worms in the salt and pepper shakers. Fry looks around, Amy gets a donut and offers it to Fry.) Amy: Here try this one. (Eats it, but we have a closer look at the donut and the sprinkles are actually the worms.) That was good, thanks Amy. (End Flashback.) Leela: The worms must have been hiding in that donut Fry ate and that is how they got in Fry's body. Professor: They only way is for us to go inside Fry and make them leave. Amy: No Leela, there are too many of those worms, you can't fight them all by yourself. Amy: Well first of all, it is my fault that Fry has the worms and also I like Fry as a friend.

The dream ends and Fry wakes up screaming and gets up. Fry: No, this was worse than the one where, I was Don Knotts from Three's Company. (Leaves, Fry is trying to get a grip.) Fry: Calm down, Fry. Morning at Planet Express, Fry is in the kitchen and he's trying to get a cup of coffee and he looks tired. Professor gets another image on screen and it is Fry's second dream at Elzar's. Bender: Since when do you care, about risking your life rich girl?

Usually, the Professor and Hermes would come in and criticize them for being too lazy but they were busy helping look for Fry and Bender as they go through a dangerous adventure towards the Sun. Tired, Leela turned off the television, turned off all the lights and sat back down. "Leela was about to go into her pocket and get out a few pairs of lipstick when Amy spoke again."Is it ok if I used yours?

Although there was some small talk about the t .v shows they were watching, it only lasted twenty seconds.

(Coughs rather hard.) Leela: Um I'll have the breakfast special. Bender merely turns his head around and spits oil from his mouth right in the kid's face. (The chef is HG Blob.) HG Blob: What the Hell do you want?! Amy: (happy) Leela, Fry...(Disappointed) and Bender. Amy: I just stop by to get a smoothie and head to the gym to practice some tennis. He grabs a sword and throws it up, it cuts the cable and it falls. Leela: Good, now leave Fry's body once and for all. (Worms are unhappy, except one.) Worm: It is a good thing, his stomach region hasn't been the same since he invented Taco Night. Professor: Oh sure no one thanks the scientist for finding out the problem.

Time passes and the crew has yet to get their orders.) Fry: Man, this is taking too long. (Cut back to the PE building and we see Professor, Amy, Fry and Leela at the conference table.) Professor: So Fry how do you feel? (Walks away mad.) Leela: Fry, I want to apologize for not believing you.

Leela took off Amy's skirt, exposing her white panties, while Amy was licking her face. It was more than Fry had ever kissed but Leela thought she was a lesbian. (Lady hands him a donut and he pays.) Donut: No, please don't. The Professor using tweezers to pick up mini Leela and shoves her in Fry's left ear, and Fry is still out cold.) Professor: Good Luck, Leela. He got rid of us for you and that pissed us off, do you know how long it took for him to swallow all those forks so we could build our homes? Director: Yes, if it wasn't for you than we would still be inside him. (Leads Fry to a part of the restaurant where they sell donuts. A guy walks and asks to the lady.) Guy: Let me get a live one. (To Donut Lady.) Do you have anything that is more quieter and less guilty to eat? Fry: (embarrassed) Oh we're not dating, we're just friends. (Amy helps herself to the donut and eats it.) Chmmm, and the best part is that it's low fat. (Fry looks around, Amy gets another donut and offers it to Fry.) Amy: Here try this one. Bender: Interesting, but how pray tell did they get inside Fry to do this? Leela: That is thoughtful Amy, but Fry is my boyfriend and I feel bad that I didn't believe him about the dreams and for being mad at you and I feel worse now that I was wrong about Fry getting rid of the worms in the first place. (Cut to the Professor using the same micro droid machine and makes a mini verison of Leela and we see Leela in her net suit. (Worms look at Leela and they are prepared to fight.) Director: What are you doing here? Director: We still do, but we can't as long you are still alive. Director: When Fry entered his own body, he demanded we leave to prove that you loved him, for himself and not what we did. (Leaves with a strange feeling.) Fry: I can't have a romantic thing for Amy, can I? Amy: I know, Kif and I have always wanted to double date and we were wondering when you'd by with Fry. Leela: That he's been having dreams of being naked and having sex with me. Leela: Yeah, but he seemed like he didn't like them very much. Kif: Thank you Fry, but they aren't as good as Amy's cookies. He'd say that he had no interest in another woman, but it turns out he did, because he said he was bored with me. Fry: I don't know why, I'm freaked out by it as well. Fry walks out of the office.) Fry: Hmm, so my dreams are just trying to tell my something, I know what I must do. Amy: We are and that is why I want us to be together. Fry: (Trance) I must kill you, so I can be with Amy. They are both dressed for a date.) Leela: It was nice of you and Kif to invite us to this home dinner. Kif and Fry, Fry dressed for a date and Kif is in his DOOP uniform.) Fry: This punch you made Kif taste great. (Fry screams and they both fall into the other room and Amy and Leela are shocked as Fry lies on the floor being choked by Kif.) Amy: Kif, what are you doing? That you lied about having naked dreams with me and really having naked dreams with Amy? Leela: That is just what my old boyfriend Sean would say. Leela: Then why are you having dreams of having sex with her? Amy backs away scared.) Leela: Fry, what is the matter with you?

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Leela: Of course not, after all, you and Amy are just as good friends as she and I are. (Pan to see that it is Serena Williams's Head.) Serena: Like my father always said, second is not good enough. Amy: Calm down Serena, Fry is trying and any event you are the second black woman ever to win a Grand Slam singles title in tennis. Amy: Thanks, you know Fry, you really are a good friend. Amy: I mean it, out of all my former boyfriends, you have managed to keep in touch with me to just be friends. Fry: Well, we do work at the same job and any event, I can say the same for you. He's sweating from his forehead and it is revealed he's naked and the person he is playing against and Amy and she's naked. (Fry realizes he's hogging the coffee pot.) Fry: Sure, here let me pour you a glass. Amy: Yes, but I am little disappointed that you didn't choose me for your anti-time skipping room, when Earth was suffering him Time Skips. Amy: I was so jealous when you got married with that cyclops, Leela. But how could you know, it was during the time skips? Leela: You were sleeping after I ordered that we should rest up since Earth is a day away. Fry: Man, it was terrible, I was at Elzar's and I was naked making love with...(realizing it's Leela, he's talking to).. Leela: Did you eat that old burrito in the fridge before we left? Fry: I don't get it, why am I having naked sex dreams with Amy? Bender: Maybe it has to do with that time Leela got hit on the head and became your slave. Bender: Or maybe you still have something for the Chinese chick. Bender: Perhaps, she hasn't gotten over it and your guilt is getting to you? Bender: Then you figure it out, here I am coming up with possible explanations and you complain. (Cut to Fry out cold and with a helmet on his head.) Leela: Are you sure it was a good idea to put him to sleep that way, why couldn't you have used sleeping gas? (The Professor manages to get the image to zoom much closer and we see worms, and they look like the ones from "Parasites Lost" and they are dressed like they are filming a movie scene.) Leela: It's those worms, from when Fry ate that egg salad sandwich.