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Aksi sex us

Walaubagaimanapun, berapa lama aksi di ranjang bukanlah satu faktor yang paling penting dalam mencapai kenikmatan bersama pasangan.

Ada pelbagai faktor lain lagi yang mampu menjanjikan pengalaman di ranjang yang menyeronokkan untuk pasangan.

Antaranya seperti pencarian titik g-spot dan kejutan-kejutan manis yang mampu menyemarakkan keintiman.

Kepuasan yang dinikmati kedua-dua pasangan adalah perkara yang membentuk ikatan unik antara suami isteri.

Quentin Tarantino’s homage to '70s martial-arts flicks is the most brazen example of his hyper-stylized acts of violence.

Akan tetapi, jangkaan masa tersebut masih boleh jadi lebih sekejap atau lebih lama daripada 12 minit.

Tarantino finds room for humor and shocking reveals in his episodic revenge story, which ends with a scalping as a lead-in to the contemplative was supposed to be forgettable.

Half a year went by between its French and US release because executives couldn't decide if director Pierre Morel and producer Luc Besson's geri-action movie even deserved a theatrical release.

There are brawls and aerial fights and Vegas-set chase scenes. The final set piece, a helicopter-vs.-train chase set in France's Channel Tunnel, is De Palma allowing the pot to boil over.

And if the infiltration of Langley doesn't have the same pizzazz as jumping between two skyscrapers, watch again; expert staging -- and the repetition of "toast" -- gives the slightest misstep consequence.

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Keanu Reeves rolls, jumps, kicks, punches, and blasts two bullets into a growling thug on perfect cue.

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