Ahmad rashad and dating One on one sex cams no signing up

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Ahmad rashad and dating

“It was such a surprise,” says James Freydberg, producer of the L. staging of The Vagina Monologues, in which Phylicia costarred last fall.

Ahmad Rashad was born on November 19, 1949, in Portland, Oregon and currently ages 66 years old.

Even after having a repetitive unsuccessful personal life, will there ever be hope of having a stable relationship?

Well, you might get the answer to this tricky question in this segment where we are going to discuss the personal life of the sportscaster and former pro football player Ahmad Rashad.

Recently on April 29, 2016, Ahmad Rashad got married to his beautiful then-girlfriend Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz in Palm Beach, Florida.

However, it was a surprise to know that Ahmad chose a woman who is 32 years younger than him.

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In 1985, in the Church of the Master in Harlem, Ahmad Rashad got married to Phylicia Rashad who is now a stage director and recognized as an actress.

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