Agorophobic dating help

Posted by / 18-Oct-2017 10:04

Have been to the docctors, the neurologists several times but they say i have "normal neurological symptoms" and all my figures look perfectly healthy.

I had wondered if it was alcohol related, because I've had the shakes after drinking.Perhaps I've eaten something which has caused the tremors? I'm a 44 year old male and I've noticed I'm getting hand tremors (and up my arms) with increasing regularity.I know with MSG and caffiene I used to get the shakes (I've stopped caffiene now), so maybe its chocolate or the crisps? I cant recall getting tremors when I'm at home (morning after a drink aside). Maybe the exercise I started doing last night has caused it to be unusually bad today? seems that Salbutomol causes hand tremors and I just used that a little before the tremors. I've also noticed the arm weakness that people have commented on above (though I am fit and can do quite a number of pressups, so my arms are not actually weak, they just feel that way).could it have heightened any anxiety or shaking i've had hidden or before? Reading your posts made me happy that it isn't just me being a massive mentalist!i stopped the nortriptyline, buspar, and amytriptyline, and now it's been like a week and a half with no improvement in the shaking. i play guitar and drums and i'm afraid it will affect these passions in my life! About a year ago my legs started twitiching and slowly things have got worse, the twitches have spread all over and i get pins and needles and shaky hands etc.

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