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Afroamerican dating

For about 6 out of 7 hours on that drive, he stared at me.I sometimes turned to the side to look out the window.There were plenty of other tourists there, but this behavior was reserved for just me.In the Hanoi situation and with the toddler on the bus in India, it was both the honesty of kids’ actions and the inaction of the adults the kids were with that got to me.I sometimes looked up at the Bollywood film that was 75% extreme violence and 25% choreographed song and dance routines. But I could always feel his eyes on me and each time I looked ahead, I’d see him climbing all over the seat to get a better view of me or his two little eyes peering through the gap between the seats.At first, I smiled, waved, made funny faces, hoping he’d have his fill and focus on something else.And then I arrived in Hanoi where I encountered a group of school children at the Museum of Ethnology who grew hushed when they saw me.

When she asked how I liked India, her face immediately dropped when I mentioned how much the staring made me feel on edge.I think it’s great that they maintain this aspect of their culture and I don’t think it warrants either extreme staring or trying to convince them to throw on jeans and sweatshirt.I know that America’s culture is different in that it is significantly less homogeneous and centered around the more recent blending of many different cultures, but when it comes down to it, you can’t deny the cheeseburger and fries, jeans and t-shirt core of it.And of course, my least favorite places have been those where being an outsider did matter.Prior to India, Vietnam is the one other place that whether purposely or not, people made me feel unwelcome.

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There were numerous aspects of India that could have shattered my travel resilience, but what ultimately did it was the staring.

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