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The Pentagon has announced plans to lift restrictions on enrollment for those with masochist tendencies, among other mental illnesses.

There was barely a peep among either party in response to this display of utter dangerous insanity.

Carson, a member of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, was on hand and was provided a second plaque by the Dean's for his connection to Waddell's tribute car.

Additional awards presented were: Spirit of the Year: Johnny Kent Newcomer of the Year: Joe Bob Lee Perseverance of the Year: Robert Sellers Hardest Charger of the Year: Sheldon Barksdale Most Improved Driver: Shane Sellers Mechanic of the Year: Rob Forehand Joey Perry of Joey Perry Arts presented a hand drawn portrait Chappell's car to Zach Chappell for his championship.

Home Depot, Kohl's, Amazon, Red Robin, Schlotzky's, i Tunes, Quik Trip & Johnny Carinos While not in attendance Saturday night, the AMERI-FLEX / OCRS series also wishes to thank the following sponsors in addition to those previously mentioned: David Grace of Carter-Maxwell Bob Hurley Ford A-1 Machine Shop Car & Fleet Parts Wesmar Racing Engines M&W Aluminum Products Maxwell Oil Rod End Supply Schoenfeld Headers Brodix Maxim Racing H&R Block and all of our various "Lap Sponsors" that supported our series on the special lap sponsored programs.Yet there is not a word from the leadership of either party, and they are passing a defense bill this week without even addressing the issue.We now have news reports describing “[T]he patient is an infantry soldier who identifies as a woman,” and we don’t bat an eyelash or bother to contemplate the national masochism — quite literally — taking place.Other top 10 drivers that were honored for their accomplishments in addition to Chappell and Sellers in order were: Sheldon Barksdale, Whit Gastineau, Joe Bob Lee, Johnny Kent, Mickey Walker, Alex Sewell, Shayla Waddell and Cameron Hagin. Robert Sellers, Frank Taft and Joseph Miller were acknowledged for qualifying for the annual point fund as supplied by Tom Lorenz of Hoosier Tire Southwest and Smiley's Racing Products.Noah Gass was honored as the 2017 Rookie of the Year while John Rittenoure was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for his 54 years of service (and still going) in the racing industry.

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