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We used a modified version of two questionnaires published by Richardson et al. The first section of the questionnaire asked patients about sociodemographic details. Categories of CAM (see Tables A2 and A3 for full list) were based on the widely established taxonomy of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) [1] but also included CAM described within the literature as used by cancer patients to help manage or cope with their disease or treatment side-effects, including prayer, psychological therapies, support groups, and physiotherapy.In the third section, patients indicating having ever used any CAM (i.e.Although studies have shown that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use is common in cancer patients, no survey has assessed CAM use in men with a variety of cancers.In Australia, no data exist about male cancer patients' use of CAM.

The multivariate logistic regression analysis was conducted by using the forced entry method.

Exercise [10], therapeutic touch [11], meditation and relaxation techniques [12] benefit fatigue.

There is also evidence that CAMs contribute to mental health and emotional well-being in cancer patients.

There is evidence that rate of CAM use has increased, at least in breast cancer populations, from 67% to 82% during the years 1998–2005 [17].

In the United States, where most studies relating to CAM use have been conducted, up to 90% of cancer patients use CAM [18–22].

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CAM users, CAM ex-users) were specifically asked which of the CAM therapies (to a maximum of three) they used had evoked the strongest reaction in other people, the information source for this CAM, and who was involved in any discussions about its use.